How to change user role after subscription

This article explains how to configure a paid membership with subscription.

Required software

There is no built-in payment functionality in the Ultimate Member. We recommend using a popular commerce plugin WooCommerce for payments. Install our extension Ultimate Member – WooCommerce to integrate Ultimate Member with WooCommerce and let them work together.

This is enough for simple paid membership. But you have to install the plugin WooCommerce Subscriptions if you need the subscription functionality.

How to use

  • Install plugins;
  • Configure extension settings;
  • Create a product-subscription;
  • Select a role assign on registration;
  • Set redirect after registration;

Install plugins

You should install these plugins to have a paid membership with subscription:

Configure extension settings

Go to the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Woocommerce] and set settings for the extension “Ultimate Member – WooCommerce”:

  • Ignore the roles update, if the user has these roles on complete/processing or refund payment – “Administrator”
  • Remove previous roles when change role on complete/processing or refund payment – “No”
  • Disable subscriptions roles switcher – turn on

Create a product – subscription

Go to the menu “Products” and create a product with the type “Simple subscription”. Select roles you want to assign users when a subscription changes its status.

Note: WordPress users may have multiple roles. Ultimate Member uses settings from the user role with the highest priority. Use role setting “Role Priority” to solve role conflicts.

Select a role assign on registration

Go to the page “Edit Form” for the Registration form, pay attention to the box “Registration Options”. Set options:

  • Apply custom settings to this form = “Yes”
  • Assign role to form = “Subscriber”
  • Primary Button Text = “Register”

Set redirect after registration

Go to the page  [Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role], pay attention to the box “Registration Options”. Set options:

  • Registration Status = “Auto Approve”
  • Action to be taken after registration = “Redirect to URL”
  • Set Custom Redirect URL = a link to the product – subscription you created before

The example of the registration and subscription process

Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Redirect to the product-subscription after registration

Step 3 – Cart

Step 4 – Checkout

Step 5 – Checkout complete