Verified Users

Verified Users Setup


This document provides instruction on Verified Users extension.

Verified Users

When the extension is activated, you can view all the users, verified and unverified, who registered from your site on  WP-Admin > Users page. It will also add a Verified Users tab under Ultimate Member > Settings > Extension. 

Settings page

[Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Verified Users]
  • Content Lock Redirect – Add a URL where unverified users who try to access verified areas will be redirected
[Ultimate Member > Settings > Email]
  • Account is verified E-mail – template for members email
  • Verification Request E-mail – template for admins email

Press a gear icon and you will see template’s options. You may switch On or switch Off the email, edit emails subject and body.

User Request Verification

Once the Verified Users extension is activated on your site, users will see Request Verification link on their profiles and accounts. They also have the ability to Cancel the request on their end.

[Profile] [Account]

When a user sends a request verification, you can view it at the top of the WP- Admin > Users page.

You can either Approve or Reject the verification request when you hover over the user.

Manual Account Verification

One key feature of the Verified Users extension is the admin can manually verify any user from the admin page with or without user request for verification. To verify a user, you can simply click on Verify when you hover over a user on the WP-Admin > Users page. Alternatively, you can also click on Edit to verify a user.

When you click on Edit, scroll down to Account Verification and choose Verified Account on the drop down menu. Click on Update User at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Once you have verified a user, you will receive a notice at the top of the page saying “Users have been updated”. You can also see the Unverify link when you hover over the verified user.

Automatic Verification of User Community Role

You can also automatically verify users with a specific role once they register on your site. To do this, please navigate to the  WP -Admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles and click on the Role Title that needs automatic verification. On the right side of the page, you will see a settings section for Verified Accounts. Click on Yes to automatically verify users with the role.

[Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit role]

Bulk Verification

If you need to verify more than one user, you can do bulk verification. To do this, click on the checkbox of the users you need to verify. Then select Mark Account as verified from the UM Action drop down menu. Click on Apply button to save changes.

Once a user is verified, a blue circle with a check mark badge will appear on his/her profile and on the member directory.