User Bookmarks setup


The User Bookmarks extension allows users to bookmark posts, pages, media, and other post types for the quick access from the User page. This document provides instructions on how to setup and use User Bookmarks extension.

Settings Page

Once you activate the User Bookmarks extension, you will see the User Bookmarks tab in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions. On this page, you can find the following options:

  • Bookmark icon position – chose the position of the bookmark icon on the page.
  • Enable bookmark – chose where the bookmark icon will appear.
  • Add bookmark button text – set the text of the bookmark icon.
  • Remove bookmark button text – set the photo thumbnail size.
  • Folders text (Plural) – folder text plural form.
  • Folder text (Singular) – folder text singular form.
  • Bookmarked Icon (CSS class) – CSS class of the bookmarked icon.
  • Regular Icon (CSS class) – CSS class of the regular icon.

Creating bookmarks

User bookmarks extension adds the “Bookmarks” tab to the user profile page.

The bookmarks tab allows users to create folders for bookmarks and arrange bookmarks to folders.

To bookmark post/page or any other custom post type users should click on the bookmark icon on the bottom of the page.

Accessing bookmarks

All bookmarked pages/posts or custom post types can be found in the “Bookmarks” tab on the User profile.


Use shortcode [um_user_bookmarks] to insert Bookmarks block content.


<?php echo do_shortcode( '[um_user_bookmarks]' ); ?>

Use shortcode [um_bookmarks_button post_id=””] to insert Add/remove bookmark button.


<?php echo do_shortcode( '[um_bookmarks_button post_id="' . get_the_ID() . '"]' ); ?>