Unsplash setup



This document provides instructions on how to setup Ultimate member Unsplash extension so users can set beautiful profile cover images directly from Unsplash.

Unsplash App creation and setup

For the Unsplash extension to work correctly you need to create an app on the Unsplash website.

  • Create an account on the Unsplash website.
  • Go to the Developers/API
  • Click on “Your apps” and on “New application”
  • Accept terms

You will need Unsplash Access key to link Ultimate member Unsplash extension to your Unsplash app.

Ultimate member Unsplash settings

After the Unsplash app setup, you have to copy your Unsplash Access key and add it to the Ultimate member -> Settings -> Extensions -> Unsplash -> Access key field.

Selecting Image from Unsplash

Now your users can set beautiful images from the Unsplash image database as a profile cover image.