Followers Setup

Followers Setup



This document provides instructions on our Followers extension setup.


Settings #

Extension’s settings #

Once you activate the extension, you will see the tab “Followers” on the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions]. On this page, you can find these settings:

  • Show followers stats in member directory – If turned off, guests will not be able to see the followers stat in member directory.
  • Show follow button in member directory – If turned on, the follow button of a user will show on the member directory.
  • Allow Administrators to follow users – Displays Follow buttons in profiles & member directory
[Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Followers]

User Role settings #

This extension also allows you to set which roles a user role can only follow. Go to the page [wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles] and choose the user role to modify settings on a specific role. You will be navigated to the page “Edit Role”. On this page scroll down to the box “Followers”:

  • Can follow others? – Enable following feature for this role.
  • Can follow these user roles only – Limit user roles that this role can follow.
[Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role]

Member Directories settings #

The extension adds buttons “Follow” and followers counter into the profile cards in the members directory. There are settings that allow to hide these elements:

  • Hide followers stats
  • Hide follow button

Go to the page [wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Member Directories] and choose the directory to modify these settings on a specific directory. You will be navigated to the page “Edit Member Directory”. On this page scroll down to the box “Profile Card”

User Profile #

When the Followers extension is activated on your site, these features are shown on the user’s profile:

  • Followers/Following Stats
  • Follow/ Following / Unfollow button

User account #

Privacy #

Users are given additional option to set their profile privacy, activity wall and private messages to people they follow or their followers.

Notifications #

When the Notifications extension is also integrated on your site, users can turn on or off email notifications for new followers directly on their account.